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What You Should Know About Intake of Protein Shakes During Pregnancy

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Protein Shakes During Pregnancy

Babies bring joy to our lives and they simply light up our world. Being pregnant, lots of things come into play as a lot of caution and care is needed to ensure the baby and mother are in top notch shape. Lots of advice is tossed to pregnant women and one may be left confused on what to consume or not to consume. Could you be pregnant and wondering whether the intake of protein shakes during pregnancy will in any way cause harm to your little one? Well, let us find out if indeed this true.

Did you know that during pregnancy you require an extra 25 grams of protein? Protein is essential for the mother and the young one during pregnancy for the purposes of growth and development. Regular consumption of protein also helps to lower the risk of complications while pregnant and as thus leading to a safe and healthier delivery as well. At 37 weeks pregnant, your little munch kin’s needs amino acids from proteins to transform into an amazing organ that will aid your baby to breathe, walk, talk and do all those crazy things they do when they grow. It’s also a good to look out for protein during pregnancy with an adequate supply of pyridoxine. This is the vitamin also known as B6, and its job is to help your baby and your body use all that protein to do its cell-building job. B6 plays an especially big role in the development of the brain and nervous system. Like folic acid, it helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases significantly. Proteins help to produce just the right amount of blood cells and also help the body to produce iron. Iron is an important nutrient needed during pregnancy as it helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Meat, dairy and fish are a better way of sourcing out proteins. But what if you do not consume any of them? Are protein shakes better alternatives? The answer is yes. However, just before you pick and carry your shake home, take some time to check out its contents. This is because some protein shakes contain some herbs and additives that might cause harm to you and the little munch kin.

Tips To Consider When It Comes To Protein Shakes During Pregnancy

Check Out The Labels

Just before you knock back any protein shake take time to read out the contents and the labels. This is because some shakes are specially produced for athletes or body builders and some may also contain performance enhancing herbs. Some potentially harmful herbs to watch out for during pregnancy include ginger, rosemary, chamomile, sage, anise and licorice root. Get to know the amount of proteins as well as other ingredients that may not have any adverse effects to you or your child. Get protein shakes that are not aimed for athletes or you can try making your own with protein boosters such as avocado, nuts and peanut butter.

Understand The Different Types Protein in Shakes

There are various sources of protein such as rice, eggs, milk, whey, soy and casein. If in any case you may have an allergy to any of these sources of protein, then it is advised to watch out for their traces in any protein shake and avoid them. Also check out how the protein is purified as this will help to determine how well the protein will be broken down in the body.

Whey or Soy Protein

Whey protein and soy protein are two very distinct types of protein. Whey protein comes from cow’s milk. It is known to have high contents of amino acids which helps the body build up tissues. There are no known problems associated with whey not unless you are allergic to milk. Soy protein on the other hand comes from plants. For those who cannot stand other types of protein, this is a very good alternative.

Keep Artificial Sweeteners At Bay

Artificial sweeteners are literally everywhere. Some of them are good for you and as such you keep a distance, especially for the pregnant women. Instead focus on natural sweeteners like stevia, fructose or lactose or even powdered honey.

Take Alternative Sources of Protein

Since the intake of protein shakes during pregnancy may be a little questionable due to the ingredients, it is better to work with protein that is consumed through food. As earlier mentioned legumes, meat, diary, fish and eggs are quite rich in protein. Grass fed beef, organic eggs and farm bred fish should be the way to go. Have a balanced diet every day that contains lots of fruits and vegetables. Consult with your doctor about food supplements that contain protein which are good for you and the baby.

Watch Out For Calories

Are you aware that an additional 300 calories per day is required during pregnancy? A single protein shake alone could have way too much calories than is necessary for your body. For this purpose it is imperative to plan your meals accordingly so that you do not consume too much calories than is necessary.

Proteins With Heavy Metals

A good number of proteins naturally contain some traces with heavy metals. Proteins from plants tend to contain higher amounts of heavy metal counts where as animal based proteins contain lower heavy metal counts. If you are going to consume any protein shakes then it is wise to know whether it’s source is quality.

As we have seen from the above mentioned points, the consumption of proteins is highly important to both mother and the unborn child. Take time to go through the contents of any protein shake. However, it is important to seek the advice of a nutritionist before consuming any protein shakes during pregnancy. The best option however is to produce your own protein shake using natural fresh products as they are high quality and safe to consume.

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