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Should A Pregnant Woman Buy A Pregnancy Pillow?

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Pregnancy sleep with pregnancy Pillow on bed

Pregnancy is that time of our lives where we have to endure more pain. The constant heaviness, the cravings, the swinging moods, the irritations, everything! Being pregnant is just as hard as taking building weights without proper support. At the same time, we all expect this part to happen. For many people, it should be celebrated. For me, though, it should be done with extra care. A little help can always become big when joined in small amounts.

Well, here I am blabbering on. But the real story here is how do pregnant women benefit from many things many only for them? We have pregnancy belts, milk suctions, scents and aromas, and now, we even have pregnancy pillows! How are we sure that these people aren’t just trying to rip us off? Is there any benefit to use these things at all?

The thing is, after a few months, you will start to feel uncomfortable with your pregnancy. After about three to four months since conception, a pregnant woman will start being crippled by the pregnancy. However, this is not something to frown about. Why? First, you have many things to help you get by. These things include pregnancy belts, scents and aromas, as well as pregnancy pillows. Lastly, you are considered a gift-bearer. With your child, you’re sure to have lots of fun when they grow up.

Stay for a while and helps us see if we should really buy the things called pregnancy pillows. How can they help? what is their aim? What are the pros and cons? Lastly, we will try to see whether these things can really help women during the pregnancy stage.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pillow for pregnancy is usually made of polyester fiber fill that is usually hypoallergenic. Pregnant women can use them in their sleep to help get more shut-eye as they proceed with their pregnancy. They actually come in many shapes (we’ll go to that later). It also supports many kinds of positions when you lie down to sleep.

As such, a pregnancy pillow is not just any kind of pillow. It is directed towards pregnant women. These women need as much help as they can during pregnancy. Everyday, they will feel pain from the back, the legs, the shoulders, and so on. This is because they carry another life with them. Don’t you think helping a pregnant woman is just as viable as any other reason?


How is it different from any other pillow?

Pillows give you comfort. It helps you sleep and place yourself in the best position possible. As such, those who have great pillows can be said to have better sleep than those who do not. In the early days, man just slept on rocks. Whatever surface was available is already okay. However, today, pillows have become a staple in bedrooms. Hotels even invest in pillows that can cost more than $300.00 each.

Then there is a pillow for pregnancy. The difference first stems from the name itself. These things are especially made for women who are pregnant. Because of the different factors that disrupt their rest, pregnant women cannot have the sound 8-hour sleep other people get. As such, scientist and people concerned with this fact created this special pillow. Here are some of the differences they have:

  • They have different shapes. Pregnancy pillows sport out different shapes. These shapes can be wedged, Full-body pillows, C-shaped, J-Shaped, U-Shaped, V-shaped and many more. They cater to the different positions a pregnant woman might assume and because of that, they help these women sleep better.
  • They are made hypoallergenic. If there was one reason you should buy these it’s because they make you much more comfy. How? These kinds of pillows are made especially to not trigger any kind of allergies. Being pregnant is hard. Let’s not make it harder by triggering allergies.
  • They are made especially for pregnant women. Women who try these kind of pillows can be sure to feel the difference. They can provide complete and total support without messing up with the various systems and routines of a pregnant women. What’s more is that even after pregnancy, these kinds of pillows can still help a woman sleep.

shapes of Pregnancy pillows

It can kill different sleeping problems

As a pregnant woman, chances are high that you constantly cause problems to your partner. Other people can also be disturbed by your sleeping problems. It is a good thing that a pillow for pregnancy was made. Here are some reasons you can use it to your advantage.

  • You can stop snoring. Snoring can be a real problem to you and your partner. It will be hard to sleep on your back. Since you need to sleep on your side most of the time, you can be sure that you do not keep them awake with your snoring.
  • You stop tossing and turning. Tossing and turning can mess up your sleep. Your tummy should also be comfortable. With a pregnancy pillow, you should be able to stop the intermittent turning to feel better. This also helps your family and partner to sleep well, too.
  • You also sleep comfortably. When pregnant, it is very hard to get 8 hours of sleep. Chances are high that this kind of sleep is stopped and is resumed many times. Because of that, you cannot have a complete sleep. Pregnancy pillows help you out with your sleep. You can experience a great shut-eye when you buy this product. Go ahead and sleep well!

Who can use a pregnancy pillow?

In reality, these pillows were made for pregnant women. It is designed to make them feel better and relax more. When I tried it, I knew I should’ve used in the past. Because of the comfort and ease it gives, I can actually sleep better without having to worry about the position. You can also assure yourself that the baby is fine and safe. It provides support to the different parts of the body so you can be sure that pain will be out of the equation.

However, these pillows aren’t just for pregnant women. After pregnancy, mothers who lactate and breastfeed their child can also use it. They can use it as support for the baby or for their back as they feed the child.

Even if you were note pregnant, you can still use this amazing thing. The reason is that they are made to be very comfortable. Instead of the traditional rectangle pillows, they can help you with different shapes and sizes. As such, you can still use it even after feeding a baby and getting pregnant. In fact, ANYONE can use it. Just make sure it stays hygienic.

pregnancy women on the bed

When should you use a pregnancy pillow?

People can use pregnancy pillows in different times. There actually is no proof that you cannot use it in other ways. You can use it when you are pregnant, you can use it when you decide to breastfeed. One can also use it every time you want to sleep to full and comfy. You can also keep yourself great while sitting down and comfortable when you watch a movie and when you play a game.

Actually, you can use it just like a pregnant pillow like any other. You can try using the different shaped pillows to cater to your different needs. Because of the different structures, there is no situation where you can feel bad. Just use the pillow and your off to a better day.

Cons of the pregnancy pillow

Since maternity pillow is a great thing, there things that pull them down, too. Many people criticize these pillows with different things Because of this, we’ve taken note of some of the cons. Here are some that are most notable:

  • They cost a whole lot. Pregnancy pillows are things you should take note of. However, they cost a whole lot. You can try comparing their prices online. More or less, you can see different prices depending on the brands you choose. Some can even rise up to hundreds of dollars. Some reviews claim that this is not reasonable. As such, they decide to buy a body pillow instead.
  • It looks like a body pillow. One of the grave disadvantages of this pillow is that you can easily mistake it for another. Body pillows do not have the same protection and comfort as pregnancy pillows do. You should be very careful because some of them may have used different chemicals that can bring you allergies. When that happens, it can to a hard pregnancy. Worse, it can activate your allergies and may even cause miscarriage.
  • You can damage it, too. When the pillow is damaged, you must be sure to get it repaired. This is because it can host to different bacteria and viruses. Make sure you do not choose the damaged one from the start. Making that decision too quick can cause you many problems when carrying a child.
  • It can have a scent. Nothing is wrong with having a scent. However, when the scent is too strong, you can experience different problems. Scents can make you nauseous and dizzy when they become too strong. Different scents pose different problems. Make sure you choose the one tat is hypoallergenic. It can stop different triggers to make sure you do not have problems with the smell.

How should you choose the best pregnancy pillow

pregnancy sleep pillow are very handy things to have. You can feel comfortable and still complete your sleep even when it’s hard. Because of that, here are things you should take note before you buy.

  • You should choose the size. You should anticipate how big you can become so that you still feel very comfortable. You will still grow as you progress with your pregnancy. Make the necessary choice so that you won’t need to buy another.
  • You should choose the hypoallergenic one. Though most of the pillows you see on the shelves are hypoallergenic, it cannot hurt to be more careful. You should read the labels and stickers first before you buy it. Make sure you also see the needed information that indicates that the pillow is free from allergens.
  • You should see the seal. Pillows are usually sealed. This is because once the pillow is exposed to the air, it can accumulate different kinds of dirt. Worse, it can be subjected to many kinds of bacteria. Choose a pregnancy support pillow that is sealed perfectly so that you won’t have any problems when it come to cleaning it.
  • Choose the one that is free-from damage. Time passes and some don’t do well with time. You should choose the best kind of pillow that is free from damage. At least you’re sure that it has not been subjected to many kinds of bacteria and viruses as well as different allergens.

The verdict – should you buy a pregnancy pillow?

Yes! You definitely should. However, if you cannot handle the high price for most of the kinds, you can always settle for a body pillow. Just remember that body pillows are not as advanced as pregnancy pillows. They can only provide some of the benefits maternity pillows can ever have. Don’t hesitate to buy a pregnancy pillow. Choose the best one and make sure it sticks with you.

You can now say goodbye to your stressful life! Many problems are brought about by pregnancy and those pillows can end your suffering. You can eliminate painful moments, snoring, tossing and turning, as well as the different problems regarding your posture and sleep.

So, sleep assured and well. Complete the hours of sleep you need to accomplish everything better. Once you do, you can have a wonderful experience in pregnancy. You can encourage others with your experience, too. Turn off the lights, position your pregnancy pillow and be ready to sleep with ease and comfort. See? Pregnancy isn’t so hard after all! We recommended to read “The 5 Best Pregnancy Pillows You Should Buy” to help you choose the pregnancy pillow easier.


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