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Everything you need to know about essential oils for pregnancy

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People from ancient times have been using oils for medicine, cooking, and even luxury. This proves that many kinds of oil have many kinds of uses. One such kind is the essential oils. Before you dive in to the world of essential oils, you must make sure you know everything about them. You will be able to buy the best kind of essential oil after reading this guide. You’ll see what they are and why you should use them. The different pros and cons are also discussed down below. Go ahead and seek out an essential oil after this!

What are essential oils, really?

Where do they come from?

Essential oils are made from plants. These oils are extracted from plants and they represent their smell. If you extract the oil from chamomile, you have an essential oil called chamomile essential oil. “Essential” here means the “essence” of a plant. It is not required by other living organisms to live unlike essential amino acids and or fatty acids. In amino acids and fatty acids, they mean “required.” It is good that you understand that though it has many benefits, one can still live without essential oils

Where are they used?

Since these oils capture the main fragrance of a plant, it is used in many hygiene and beauty products. These are considered a main ingredient in soaps. Shampoos also incorporate the use of essential oils. Food also use essential oils to bring a one of a kind flavour. Drink manufacturers include essential oils to make their drinks filled with nutrition. Other products contain essential oils to make their products smell better and these include cleaning products, scent vaporizers and incense.

How are they obtained?

There are many ways to obtain the essential oil from a plant. One of the most common methods is to use steam. This distillation process separates the oil from the other components of the plant. This allows for a precise extraction and involves great quality oils in the process.

Another way to get it is to subject it to extreme pressure. This technique is the same as getting the juice out of fruits. They may use rams, hydraulic presses, and other types of equipment that can generate a lot of pressure. Many processes exists. Some of them are resin tapping, solvent extraction, cold pressing and absolute oil extraction.

When do people use it?

essential oil bottle

When they want to do cleansing, cleaning, detoxifying.

Essential oils can be used in different times of the day. Actually, you use it every day without knowing it. When you bathe, the soap and shampoo you use may contain essential oils. When you clean the area, you also use the properties of the essential oils. Things like your favourite dishwasher, your hand soap, the detergent you use, the laundry powder and fabric conditioner all have essential oils. This makes them smell beautiful and makes you clean and free from bacteria, viruses, and other types of infection.

When they subject people to Aromatherapy

It is used when subjecting a person through aromatherapy. What happens is a therapist uses essential oils to fill a place with aroma. This then evokes different kinds of emotions and feelings. This also uplifts the soul, removes stress, and improves mind function greatly. They also use these things in massages to make the massage more effective all while letting the essential oil to take effect. Moreover, it has been proven that essential oils help pregnant women to ease their nausea and their body pains with essential oils for pregnancy nausea. You can try essential oils first trimester if you’d like. You can also put a very small amount on babies to make them smell good and feel good at the same time.

When they want to use its Medical advantages

Aside from aroma therapy, it can also be used it different medicinal needs. You can use it to clear yourself of headaches and clogged noses. It can defeat fungus and destroy them. One can also regrow his/her hair, eliminate dandruff, and make the hair glow. It can relax your muscles and keep joint pain away. It can raise the immune system so you’ll be more protected when it comes to viral diseases.

Why do you need it?

You can find thousand of reasons online if you want to know why you should use essential oils. As such, here are some benefits you should be aware of:

essential oils bottle with diffuser

  • It has antifungal properties. It helps you avoid the development of different skin problems caused by fungus that the body might catch.
  • It has antivirus properties. Different kinds of essential oils provide protection against viruses. Most acidic plants can kill viruses. This is why they have it on soap, shampoos, and other cleaning agents
  • It has antibacterial properties. It can kill bad bacteria that the body catches with every day contact. This is why you are recommended to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  • It helps brain function. Some essential oils like chamomile and rosemary will increase your brain function. This will make you remember more things efficiently and learn new things more effectively.
  • It uplifts the mood. Smelling nice things always evokes good feelings in the mind. This makes a person gain a positive outlook on life. The moods set actually may vary. You may feel joyous, excited, happy, and even brave. There are even dedicated charts to guide you on the mood you want to set. You can even create a concoction that makes you smell the different seasons like Christmas and winter, spring and summer, or even Halloween!
  • It helps clean things. Well, essential oils can also be used as they are. Pour in drops of the essential oil and watch the dirt go away.
  • It can get rid of foul smells. Sometimes, what you smell is what you feel. Getting rid of foul smells play an integral part of housekeeping and self-hygiene.
  • It kills stress. If you are tired from work and want to get a great rest, pour some drops on your bath or on the different parts of the house. The circulating aroma will help you gain back lost strength.
  • It can clean the air. Certain types of essential oils actually cleanse the air you breathe. If you feel like the air is choking you, you can use eucalyptus to detoxify the air.
  • It can improve your shut­-eye. Do you lack sleep? Essential oils have been proven to improve your sleep quality. Make sure to drop some before you sleep in the different parts of your body as well as the room.
  • It can regrow hair. Hair is one of the most important parts of the body. It is your crown and so it should be nice and well. Pour some rosemary to your scalp and you’re sure to thicken your hair.
  • It can stop dandruff and cure the itch. Since you subject your hair to oil, your scalp will accept it as a normal addition to your everyday life. As such, it can eliminate the dandruff flakes and take away your itchiness.
  • It is completely natural. Essential oils are derived from plants. It doesn’t have chemicals that are toxic for the skin and the body. This makes it safe to use essential oils while pregnant.


These are just some of the countless benefits you can experience if you let yourself indulge in essential oils. You see, it mainly deals with bacteria and viruses, it makes you feel relieved and happy, and it can help inspire you more.

However, it also has some things to watch out for. Here are some of the things you should be wary of:



  • It is dangerous to some people. Though not all, some people have allergic reactions to some kind of essential oil. Ask them if they do have an allergy before you apply it to the person or use it in the whole room.
  • You should dilute it. Many of the essential oils are required to be used only in drops. If not, it can actually burn your skin and develop adverse effects. Babies are sensitive to skin problems and so you should not use it undiluted on them. Many cases also confirm that you should dilute it even when you use it as scent for a room.
  • It takes huge amounts of the plant to produce the oil. It may take up to 2000 leaves of a plant to make a pound of oil. This makes it very hard to create and very valuable at the same time.
  • It may have benefits but it does not do everything. You still need to take care of yourself. It may work wonders but if you keep destroying your body, you will still end up like a mess.
  • They are not regulated. Most countries do not have regulation when it comes to essential oils. Since these are “natural” products, they do not gather much needed attention. It falls up to you to understand and develop a routine of applying the oil.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy Buying Guide

Before you buy an essential oil, you must make sure that you follow the correct way of using it. As such, there are even factors you should consider before you buy one. Here the factors to follow before you get essential oils.

essential oil buying guide

  1. What will it be used for? Each kind of essential oil gives a different kind of healing/cleaning effect. Research before you buy. This can save you a lot of money when buying different types of oil. If you plan to use it on skin, make sure you buy another oil to use with it like coconut oil.
  2. Do you have allergies? If you want to subject yourself to the power of essential oils, don’t just go buying everything. You might discover that you are allergic to a certain type of essential oil. Worse, you might even have allergies with many kinds. Since essential oils are very concentrated, you might suffer huge consequences. Check yourself if you are allergic to an essential oil. You can try to dab a very small amount of it on an area of your body. If it does not create a rash and other types of problems in the skin in 48 hours, that is safe for you to use. Of course, this rule applies to everyone in the house, too.
  3. Are you going to be using it for pregnant women? Essential oils for Pregnancy work like magic with pregnant women. However, you have to make sure that the pregnant woman is not allergic to that kind of oil. Moreover, some essential oils are the best for certain stages. You can use many of the essential oils when the second trimester comes. However, the child may not be able to support it when he or she is still developing. Make sure you coordinate everything with your Gynaecologist for the essential oils for pregnancy and labor. Some of the oils you should avoid are
    • Bitter almond
    • Camphor
    • Basil
    • Sweet Birch
    • Rosemary
    • Nutmeg
    • Cedarwood
    • Cinnamon

Essential oils make hygiene and healthcare more exciting and nature inclined. The smell good, they have great benefits, and they are readily available. The more you use them, the more you’ll feel one with the earth. Many benefits make essential oils a great part of getting cleansed and feeling good. However, one should note that they should be used with caution. They are very concentrated forms of plants and so they must be diluted before you use them.

Plants give people the means to live and breathe better. With essential oils, people are granted with more ways to use scent and therapies to their advantage. You can detoxify yourself and fend off many body enemies like bacteria, viruses, and fungus. You can also stay healthy and work efficiently as it takes away the pain from your body.

Go ahead and enjoy essential oils! Make sure you know the factors to consider before using them, though. You can have great health, a stress-free life, a powerful mind and a free spirit with the help of essential oils. We recommend to read next “Defeating Pregnancy Problems with Essential Oils: Top 5 Best Picks

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