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Defeating Pregnancy Problems with Essential Oils: Top 5 Best Picks

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Essential oils play a huge part in aromatherapy. Even in day-to-day items like soap, dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, and many more, they provide comfort and ease. Because of this, many people turn to essential oils if they want to make their house feel and smell good.  This is because essential oils come from plants. These concentrates have varied benefits from simply making the place smell great to different specialized essential oils for pregnancy nausea.

You can experience the best life has to offer if you try to use the essential oils. It can free you from stress and make you work more efficiently. While essential oils have these great benefits, you have to think: how does it fare with pregnancy? How can they help in making it easier?

We have tried to scour the internet for the best types of essential oil to use when pregnant. It is important to note that some essential oils cannot be used while pregnant and some even give you better pregnancy experience. Some have misleading titles and some are not up to the challenge pregnancy offers. Relax. We did some meticulous research work and found the top 5 out of Essential Oil so you can order one immediately!

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil for PregnancyOne good thing about Neroli Oil is that create great skin cell regeneration. It also is used as a tranquilizer for many reasons. One of which it is very calming and relaxing. Even animals who were subjected to the aroma were suddenly calm and submissive. It is also highly powerful as an antibacterial oil so you can fight off the different diseases and skin problems. What’s more is that it can fight off bad levels of blood pressure.

We used this for months during and after the pregnancy and saw that this product actually reduced stretch marks by almost half! You can feel calm after applying this to your vaporizer. You can also use it in massages to make you feel more relaxed. Neroli oil actually reduces acne on the skin and even you can regain your confidence after using the product.

However, you need to use it moderately as this product is very concentrated. Applying it without diluting it can actually damage your skin. Do not use it when you plan to drive. You can be made very calm and you may lose focus on the road. As such, it is also not recommended when it comes to exams and tests the next day. We only recommend this oil if you were to relax, chill, and get some shut-eye.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for PregnancyOne of the best properties of Ylang Ylang is that it is a great plant to start with. It many functions: aphrodisiac, sedative, antidepressant and many more. It is widely used in many perfumes and fragrances and because of it; it is a world famous essential oil for aromatherapy and an Essential Oil for Pregnancy, too.

When we used the Ylang Ylang essential oil. We experienced great relaxation because of the very sweet aroma brought by the flower essence. It helps you sleep great, too. Moreover, this actually sparked great sex drive in both parties – the male and the female –  because of its alluring scent. Giving a new meaning to pregnancy and adventures as a couple. Another great thing about the Ylang Ylang is that even though it can drive you crazy with high libido, it can still calm and repair your nerves as you take it in.

Warnings about excessive use of the product includes induced nausea. Men and women tend to be more sensitive because of the sedated state. Make sure you check the dosage and limit the use of the Ylang Ylang as an aroma. Make sure to follow the guidelines and don’t just take in everything at once.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for PregnancyWe’re sure you are already familiar with the uses of eucalyptus. You can see it as an ingredient in many candies that freshen your breath. Toothpastes also use this to keep your breath as fresh as possible. It can greatly help your healing factor. You won’t feel much pain as it hastens your time to heal any possible wounds acquired.

When we used Rocky Mountain Oils’ Eucalyptus every one absolutely identified the scent immediately. Not only did pregnant women feel great after smelling it, it also cleared up their noses and kept them breathing nice air. This is one of the essential oils first trimester pregnant women should definitely try to eliminate nausea and dizziness. It also uplifts your mood if you’re sad. You can also use it to freshen the air! Clean air for the upcoming baby is important.

However, as the drops piled up, the smell of eucalyptus became unbearable. This scent needs a great amount of drop control so that you do not give a burning sensation to those around you. Moreover, many people are allergic to it. They may experience dermatitis so ask around and test yourself too. Other than that, eucalyptus is a great one to use.

Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil for PregnancyEveryone knows that oranges are citrusy scents. They are very good in keeping your body healthy because it keeps your immune system up and running. What is great about orange is that it is very abundant. It also has great amounts of Vitamin B to make you feel more positive and happy about your life. As part of the essential oils while pregnant, you should definitely have the orange scent in the bag.

Whenever a woman is pregnant, she faces a high risk of depression. Her body begins to change and look bad. Use of this scent can actually help you become livelier and optimistic about the results of your pregnancy. It also flushes away the toxins in your body so you get a whole cleaning ahead of you. Since it relaxes your muscles, you won’t have to worry about dealing with spasms and other kinds of pain when pregnant.

One thing about oranges, though, is that you should not consume too much of it. Too much is never a good idea. It may cause you to vomit and be nauseated. This will be very counterintuitive to what you want to achieve which is a nice experience before, after, and during giving birth.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil for PregnancyLavender is one of the most famous flowers in the whole world for its unbelievably wonderful scent. It has great beneficial effects on the nervous system as well as your immune system. Lavender also repels bugs and other types of critters that may disturb you and your baby. As such, it is one of the best essential oils for pregnancy and labour to have.

Lavender starts its effects by making pregnant women smell a great relaxing aroma. It then proceeds to drive away the different critters. When we tried applying it, pregnant women started to sleep better. They have reduced cases of insomnia and sleep loss. It also relieved the back pain pregnant women feel from carrying the heavy baby.  It also reduces stretch marks and prevents them from ever occurring.

However, despite the many benefits of Lavender, it is best when you are already near your due date or when the baby is more developed. This is because though lavender is great for you, it can be a strong agent. It can create problems to you and your baby if you try it too soon. Even when already developed, you should use it just for a fraction of a time so that you won’t encounter big problems.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Essential Oil DiffuserNo essential oils will be handy if you won’t buy a diffuser! A diffuser spreads the scent around the place and makes it easy for you to smell it. It can also help you dilute the effects of the essential oil so that you won’t take too much.

This essential oil diffuser is so good because it has the auto-off function. That means after a while, it shuts down, saving you from potential harm brought by overuse and overexposure. It also prevents the unit from getting burned after it runs out of water. Another thing about it is the elegant, Japanese approach to the design. It is both compact and nice to look at. The lamp even changes its colours! It is also very quiet which is important if you want to focus on your work and your relaxation.

Using a diffuser is very handy when it comes to dissipating the aroma all across a room. Be careful when you use it though. You should dilute the aroma with water. Tap water works well with this unit. It can easily help you with your chapped lips, your blocked and clogged noses, and even a bad mood. The unit is very easy to operate. Just add the ingredients, turn it on, and you’re off to a better day.

Each of the essential oils in this list provide a different function. It may cure your nausea, it can prevent stretch marks, it can uplift your mood, or it can even make you healthier. Essential oils are great because they make nature work out for you. As you experience the smell and power of nature, you benefit from it. This makes it a win-win for you.

However, do not try to experiment with them. Being pregnant means you have to be extra careful with what you subject your body to. Make sure you consult an expert before you use different kinds of essential oil scents.

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